Rob Woodcox is a fine art and fashion photographer born in Houston, raised in Detroit, and currently residing in Portland Oregon. He exercises his talent for photography with a passion that is unquenchable and contagious.  As he creates each piece of his artwork, Rob strives to capture fragments of a vivid life sewn by the threads of reality, memory and dream.  Each concept is a declaration of his experience and seeks to tell a meaningful story to each individual that views it.

His interest in photography began in the fall of 2009 and he started pursuing a full time career in the fall of 2013.  He brings his natural sense of adventure, innovation, and youthful spirit into every interaction, and incorporates these facets into every image. Rob thrives on sharing his imagination and dreams with others; in the fall of 2013 he had the opportunity to have an image turned into a film as a part of Project Imaginat10n with Ron Howard and Canon. 

Rob is also passionate about raising awareness for those in need and in 2013 used his photography to raise funds for foster kids to attend camp and to further knowledge of the need in the foster care system.  His collaboration with 4 others artists, Stories Worth Telling, raised the necessary funds to launch a new foster camp that allowed 40 new children to attend in the first year; that camp now has over 70 attendees each year.

Throughout 2014 he had the privilege to excel teaching other artists through interactive portfolio and technique building workshops.  He has taught in over 15 cities around the USA and Canada.  In November of 2014 Rob's Stories Worth Telling series was featured on Yahoo, ABC and various other large media sites, re-energizing the project and sparking a new initiative to raise funds for foster children.

In 2015 Rob showed his photographs in the historic Chinese Theatre in Hollywood to continue supporting foster children.  He also brought his workshops to 3 new continents, South America, Asia and Australia, teaching in over 10 new countries. He reached a physical audience of over 1000 students in person over the course of travels and reached millions online.

In 2016 Rob spoke at 2 of his largest seminars yet, totaling a 450 member audience.  His focus shifted from travels to establishing roots in the USA with his sights set on a 3 year passion project to weave the threads of human experiences he witnessed in his travels in the USA and abroad, highlighting and educating about social justice issues that touch us all.  

2017 is proving to be one of the most productive years yet, between establishing an artist collective in Portland Oregon, new high level clients, and building a workshop tour for Fall 2017, his work continues to receive attention online and in print and he remains open to new opportunities for creative collaboration.

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When he is not creating photographs, Rob mentors artists, travels, explores the wilderness, cooks, and seeks whatever adventures come his way.

To contact Rob about a project or featuring his work, please use his contact form.

Rob is also a sponsored professional by Profoto.

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Framed Awards- Nominee. Emerging Photographer of the Year
Canon/Ron Howard's Project Imagination- Winner

Adobe Achievement Awards- Finalist
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