February Photography Challenge: Self Portrait

Hello friends!  I hope your 2015 has been shaping up to be an exciting year!  This blog post will be short and to the point, I'm excited to announce the winners from my January challenge and present your February challenge!  

February Challenge

Share a self portrait that represents something transformational to you.  It could be a close, emotive portrait or an interaction between you and surroundings, or you could interpret it in a completely abstract way.  Comment below with any explanation you'd like to give, email address and a link to the photo. The winner this month will receive a Gel Shell case for an apple laptop and/or phone with one of my images designed on the back.  Winners will be chosen the first week of March.

Gel Shell has been an incredible company to work with, they donate 10% of their income to Royal Family Kids Camp for foster kids and they exist to help kids aging out of the system get jobs and set on a good path!


January Winners

Share your favorite experience from 2014 that represents a change in your life and express it in a single photo.

Thank you to the winners for sharing their stories and showing me a piece of your journey!  Its so neat getting to hear what you've been through and to be able to relate!

Honorable Mention

Lenka Matinova Honorable.png

Lenka Matinova

Lucilla Elena

Sandia McCormick

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