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It goes without saying, seeing my work physically printed as an artist is quite the excellent privilege. Whether you’re showing in a gallery or decorating a friend’s home, the moment you bust out the box cutter to carefully open a box with fresh prints is equitable to being a 5 year old on Christmas. The pure joy of seeing all your hard work pay off in a classic display of art is a good enough reward by itself to keep creating.

I recently had the privilege to partner with and check out their canvases to see how they hold up as a display in my home and as a gift to my audience (see giveaway below to get a free print of my artwork!)  

Lets start with the packaging; Its key that companies protect precious items like artwork and prints to ensure safe arrival of product.  The box I received from was sturdy as any good shipping box with double layered protection and both canvases that I ordered were wrapped in bubble wrap all the way around keeping them safe from punctures or dents during travel. The two 20x30 canvases were well wrapped around a wooden frame and the quality of the canvas itself was durable and great for a consumer level print.


After a close inspection of the "Blue Ridge Mountains" print I noticed two small scratches on the image; it wasn't enough to bother me personally for a household print, but it definitely wasn't something I'd send to a client- I'd assume the scratch happened before packaging, considering they were packaged so well.  I contacted the customer support with images of the scratches and received quick response and was sent a replacement.  Accidents happen, so its good to know that a company is responsive to mistakes like that!

These canvases are great for consumer level art and make a great addition to my home as display prints.  I would recommend as a wonderful and affordable option to get art up on your walls to inspire yourself and others on a daily basis.  As I said before, nothing compares to the joy of seeing your art brighten a tangible, physical space.  To purchase your own canvas prints, visit and for UK citizens check out



I am thrilled to give away a 20in X 30in canvas print of my work as well as 8 oversized polaroid style prints to a total of 9 winners.  Each will come signed with a personal message of thanks and encouragement as well as a discount code to my online print shop (! Anyone can enter multiple times, you will get your name entered for each of the 4 numbered points below that you achieve.  Here's to sharing art and beautifying the world with it!  Winners will be contacted on October 1st!


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