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“The Power Within You”
Tuesday June 9 - 9am-12pm

In this class we’ll be diving deep into the personal journey and how that pairs with creating kick-ass, powerful photographic work. I’ll share my journey that has brought me some of the largest clients I could have asked for, but has also fulfilled me as a full time artist. We’ll be doing both personal development, but also talking about innovative business developing tactics in this session. Embracing yourself and true passions is not a luxury, it’s a necessity- I want to help bring you closer to realizing that.


  1. Learn new daily self-care tactics

  2. Be motivated to be your own biggest support, fan, promoter

  3. Acquire new concepts to embrace your personal passion projects

  4. Learn how to get and stay in touch with larger brands

  5. Gain insight into Rob’s unique business proposal process

  6. Learn how to infuse personal care with personal success

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“Posing Large Groups” - A 2020 Camp Do More Exclusive
Wednesday June 10 - 4-7pm

For this class I’ll help you develop your confidence in working with larger groups of models. We’ll work with hands on experience to give you guidance and practice in this area. Not only will we focus on the technical aspects of larger shoots, but we’ll be developing the social skills needed to make the experience fulfilling for everyone involved. No challenge is too large, you’ll leave this course with the tools to start making your wildest visions come true.


  1. Learn how to organize and attract groups for a photoshoot

  2. Build your organizational and communication skills to produce larger shoots

  3. Learn how to create a safe space for diverse groups to participate in your creative process

  4. Practice posing large groups

  5. Practice lighting large groups

  6. Join a team as you produce your own group shoot