Queer Photoshoot in Museo Universitario Del Chopo - Proposal

Building off of the partnership between diego Medina, a leader in the queer ballroom scene in both Mexico and the USA, and the Museo Universitario del chopo- we would like to produce a bold visual series depicting Leaders and members of the ballroom community in mexico in a showcase of power and strength, celebrating their courage and talent.

Specifically we would like to photograph and interview individuals living and thriving with the diagnosis of Hiv.

Goals of this series:

  • Raise awareness and erase stigma around hiv diagnosis

  • educate outward communities about hiv, safety, and ways to

  • empower individuals in the community living with hiv


  • 25-30 image series up for promotion of november showcase and potential exhibition within museo el chopo

Timeline: April 26, 2019


Meet Photographer Rob Woodcox



Ocelote Designer Cesar FlovA and Rob Woodcox Are joining forces with Nike to promote this content across MÉxico, USA and globally; below are some Diverse publications currently interested and working with both talents, to name a few.


Proposed Photo Collaboration - Concept - Lifelines


This concept plays off Rob’s existing work which features “threads of life” that connect us all. Similar to the water we drink or the air we breathe, we cannot move forward without acknowledging that we all rely on each other day to day.

The concept is to build a set that uses black tubing within a white warehouse space to represent “lifelines” while creating striking imagery. Initially Models will be laying amidst the cords on the floor as if lifeless; the Nike Air shoes will be introduced along with the Ocelote wardrobe designed in collaboration with Nike, and life will start to return to the subjects.

images will be created featuring each pair of shoes with paired Ocelote clothing, each model posing amidst the set, some on pedestals, showing strength and courage- newly introduced with the addition of nike air shoes.

The grand finale of the concept is that each model will begin to levitate into air, with their shoes taking them to new levels. from the ground up, our shoes give us confidence, life and sustainable support to achieve all our dreams.

IMG_2363 color.jpg

Above is a rough sketch Series of the scenes Imagined; minimal Black linear elements will fill A minimalistic white space but with Lines moving in all directions, transcending the 2D space. Colors can be pulled Into frame from Shoes and pieces of the wardrobe; images will feature black and white linear elements. Models will be posed in a variety of group arrangements that interact with the linear installation. Linear elements will be created using Black tubing, sourced from the markets of méxico city.


Talent: Diverse models, Dancers, performers from México city

Location 2.jpg

Location: Warehouse space and Unam Sculptures in MÉxico City


Existing Designer Collaboration Between Nike + Ocelote