Queer Photoshoot in Museo Universitario Del Chopo - Proposal

Building off of the partnership between diego Medina, a leader in the queer ballroom scene in both Mexico and the USA, and the Museo Universitario del chopo- we would like to produce a bold visual series depicting Leaders and members of the ballroom community in mexico in a showcase of power and strength, celebrating their courage and talent.

Specifically we would like to photograph and interview individuals living and thriving with the diagnosis of Hiv.

Goals of this series:

  • Raise awareness and erase stigma around hiv diagnosis

  • educate outward communities about hiv, safety, and ways to

  • empower individuals in the community living with hiv


  • 25-30 image series up for promotion of november showcase and potential exhibition within museo el chopo

Timeline: April 26, 2019


Meet Photographer Rob Woodcox


Proposed Photo Collaboration - Concept -
Floral Connections and Futuristic Power Poses
Visual Inspiration


This concept plays off The idea that we’re all connected- I aim to create stunning power images of each talent standing solo- to reflect the bravery and power of the individual; These shots will feature the Ballroom outfits created by each individual.

I will pair these images with a short series of group shots that show 10-15 people intertwined with florals, like a garden blossoming from the beauty that is created through connection and community. The reality of HIV becomes much brighter when we support and life each other up- this will be reflected in the group visuals.

All of these images will be photographed beautifully in the minimal german architecture of the Chopo Museum.