1-on-1 Full Day Workshop

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1-on-1 Full Day Workshop


Have you been searching for an adventure lately? If so you're in just the right place!  Whether you're a beginner or pro, experiencing the process of another creative on their own photographic journey can be extremely beneficial.  I'd love to usher you into my imagination through a personal day of creating and exploring!

This workshop experience will cover a 6 hour time frame. The workshop experience can be arranged to take place in a cafe, studio or on location if shooting techniques are involved, or a combination.  The workshop experience includes an on location shoot with a model (either a 3rd person, myself or you if you wish) and editing time where I'll teach you my editing techniques.  Topics will include but are not limited to:

-Portfolio review and critique
-Inspiration exercises
-Lighting demo (natural and artificial)
-How to work with a model (live model)
-Sourcing props and wardrobe
-Live shooting/portfolio building
-Editing demos
-Business and Social Media tips

To find out more before booking, please email me!

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