In-Person Mentoring

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In-Person Mentoring

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Hello!  Whether you are just starting photography or have been doing it for years, you can always learn new things about the craft; whether it be how a light works, or how to use that light to tell a story, learning from another creative is always beneficial.  I'd love to meet and come alongside you to help you grow as a photographer and artist!

Each session includes an additional 1/2 hour to get acquainted, paid time will entirely consist of learning.  You will choose what you want to focus on; subjects could include but aren't limited to:

-Portfolio review and critique
-Lighting demo (natural and artificial)
-How to work with a model
-Sourcing props and wardrobe
-Live shooting/portfolio building
-Editing demos
-Business and Social Media tips

In person learning sessions can be arranged to take place in a cafe, studio or on location if shooting techniques are involved.

I am available to travel, and am often in big cities around the U.S.  Special requests to travel will require travel expenses to be covered in addition to mentoring rates.  If you have more questions before booking, please email me!

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