Tunis Tunisia Workshop 2017 with Rob Woodcox (Early Bird)

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Tunis Tunisia Workshop 2017 with Rob Woodcox (Early Bird)

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NOVEMBER 24-26 2017

Learn more about conceptual and fashion photography, compositing and post production with this 3 day workshop experience with Rob Woodcox and Samy Hamila.

Taking place in the heart and vicinity of beautiful Tunis, Tunisia this workshop will be a hands-on, interactive, and extremely immersive experience, showing you new techniques to better your photography practice and business.

We will develop your concepts and ideas into polished images that tell a story. With a strong emphasis on compositing and post-production, you are only limited by your imagination in what you can create.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or looking to enter the fashion or fine art market, this workshop is designed to help you take your images to the next level.  Rob, Samy and the team are excited for you to join in this game changing experience.

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