Rob Woodcox is an internationally traveling photographer and teacher with a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiration.  Rob's workshops are not like an average class, but rather a journey into the creative and imaginative realm that allows him to produce fine art both personally, and for large clients around the world.  Rob's educational experience will not only teach you how to make excellent pictures, but show you how to earn a living as a photographer and inspire you to take your concepts, ideas, client work, and any creation to the next level.  Classes vary, but generally Rob's sessions are open to all ages and levels of experience.  

Professionals and beginners in the industry alike, we all need a chance to stretch our wings and broaden our horizons to reach the next level in our creative process.  If you're looking for an immersive, hands on learning experience to push your creativity further, a workshop is the place for you.  Come join other like-minded creatives and myself as we photograph, edit and geek out for a weekend!  To find an experience near you and to learn more, please scroll down and pick the opportunity best for you!

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August 28-30 2015

October 23-25 2015

Oct 31-Nov 1 2015


Before attending Rob’s workshop I had lost my passion for photography. Rob’s openness and approach to sharing the techniques of creative photography made learning the techniques not only simple but achievable. His warmth, passion, and creativity are infectious and, since his workshop I’ve not only been excited about photography again, but I’ve been working ferociously and passionately on my creative photography. I truly think that, if this type of photography interests you, it would be impossible for you to not gain a solid foundation off which you can start to build your own creative portfolio. Rob gives you the tools to get started and helps you network with the creative photography community to get the support you need to continue tackling your creative projects.

Anita Wilson, Los Angeles

When I first got the news about Rob coming to Aruba to give his first international workshop, I was extremely excited. It was like a dream come true since I’ve been following him for over a year already. the workshop went perfectly; I had a lot of fun and of course learned a lot of new things. Not only photography wise but also business/marketing wise. Rob, thank you so much for everything. It was truly an honor meeting you and of course a pleasure to have you on our island! Please come back soon.

Ayrton Tromp, Aruba

I had a great time with Rob’s workshop. I got out of my comfort zone to try something new and great ideas are sure to follow. Rob himself is an amazing person who is willing to teach, and share his knowledge and passion for his art.

Thank you Rob for your awesomeness and we’ll be seeing more of each other in the future.

Kenneth Theysen, Aruba

Rob Woodcox, where do I begin? I had admired Rob’s work for ages before getting the chance to attend a workshop. He met, and exceeded my expectations. Rob was more than a teacher, he made me feel like a friend. Rob brought out the best in me and taught me that you can do anything you put your mind to. His moving story and his drive are relatable. He not only taught me but encouraged me to try hard and do my best. Rob also treated me not only as a student, but as a friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Rob Woodcox.

Nick Johnson, Boston

Rob has a talent for bringing talented people together. The meet up in Detroit was a great connection into the local art community. I’ve gained friendships with people I know will continue long past Rob’s influence. The effect of his meet up lasts longer then just one day, it builds relationships for a lifetime. He is also no doubt a talented photographer and an artist with an authentic heart. He is a patient teacher with a wealth of knowledge in his craft.

Emily Henry, Detroit

Being part of a community is the most gratifying experience, especially when the community has the same love and passion you do. For me that passion is photography and community is what I found when I attended Rob Woodcox’s workshop. When attending a workshop it’s important to have that support for your art while at the same time pushing for your own creativity to be present. Rob made that possible for me and was with me while I created beautiful work, one of which was hung at an art gallery in Nyc. Every time I look at that piece I think about the fun I had creating it and the amazing people I met during the workshop. There is something special about being around Rob as a person and as an artist. Take his workshop…you will not regret it.

Sandra Ayala, New York City

Thank you for an amazing experience and your introduction to the world of fine art photography. It was incredible to not only learn your techniques but to appreciate your mindset and how you create your work. Your course delivered much more than I expected. I enjoyed demonstration of your lighting techniques, photography, and makeup. Your mastery of Photoshop and your direct interaction and coaching on Photoshop Expansion made everything merge together. Your explanation of different marketing and sales techniques was the icing on the cake. It was an incredible weekend that truly brought the world of fine art photography home for me.

Darren Gad, Aruba

After being a documentary photographer for sometime I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge in a different genera of conceptual photography. I took Rob Woodcox’s workshop and was not only amazed at what I had learned but had become so inspired to do new work. It was so worth my time and will do it again in the future.

Thank you

Jodi Champagne, Los Angeles