March Photography Challenge: Dearest Cause

Happy March and happy ALMOST SPRING!  For those of you buried in feet of snow, I'm excited for you to be freed of the cold!  Here in Portland the flowers are blooming and inspiration is at an all time high- nature is the best inspiration!  This blog post is to announce the winners of my February Photography Challenge and to present my new challenge for March!

Journey of the Survivors.jpg

"Where All Are Found"- photograph for my Stories Worth Telling series to benefit foster children.

March Challenge

Create a photograph that portrays a positive cause that is dear to your heart.  The cause should be something you believe in and want to fight for.  One of the greatest gifts of being an artist is the opportunity to bring attention to hard topics and to give a voice to those without one.  We may not all speak the same language or come from the same culture, but we all share the same world and are affected by the decisions of our collective global community.  Our choices as artists can make ripples that change the world.

Comment below with any explanation you'd like to give, email address and a link to the photo. The winner this month will receive a beautiful camera bag, thanks to my gracious sponsors at Vanguard. Since there will only be one winner this month, please do your best to submit a well thought out, well executed image.  The concept will be a heavy influence on my decision for this month!


February Winners

Share a self portrait that represents something transformational to you.  It could be a close, emotive portrait or an interaction between you and surroundings, or you could interpret it in a completely abstract way.

Choosing a winner for February was EXTREMELY hard!  There were so many great submissions but in the end I could only choose 2.  Congratulations Jake Faucett and Ashley Petersen, I found both Jake and Ashley's self portraits completely thought out on every level; the concepts are both very strong as well as the execution.

Jake- I really love how the water is captured so perfectly that it almost looks like a wall of ice.  It almost doesn't look like you're in a tub, you seem to be floating in mid air!  The whole color toning and expression really makes me feel the emotion behind the image.  

Ashley- Incredible use of technique to create a dreamy scene with tilt-shift.  The concept of portraying the moment you fall asleep into a dream with your beloved pups was perfectly executed.  I love the warm tones, they definitely portray warmth and dreams to me!  

Thank you to everyone who participates in these contests, it brings me great joy to give back to you who support me! 

Honorable Mention

Sunniva Varjord

Korinne Bisig

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