May Photography Challenge: Elements

Happy Spring everyone!  Its been a crazy month for me, traveling to San Francisco, Aruba, Chicago and Detroit, and I'm finally home in Portland where all the elements seem to be united to create so much beauty.  I'm loving all the lush trees and flowers, I will be going on a hike ASAP!  Because I was so busy with travel last month, I skipped the April Challenge, but I have announced the March winners and the new May challenge; I look forward to seeing all the new inspiring submissions!

May Challenge

Create a photograph using element(s) to portray your story.  Earth, Wind, Fire and Water fuel the world around us and combine in ways that stun us all; now is your chance to stun me with your own elemental creations!  With spring in full fling (at least for us northern hemisphere folk) and with summer around the corner, I am most inspired by the elements.  

Comment below with your EMAIL ADDRESS, EXPLANATION (brief or long as desired), and LINK TO IMAGE.  I will not accept any submissions that don't include all 3 mentioned items.  Since I will be showing my images in my first large gallery experience this month in Hollywood, the winner this month will receive a limited edition 18x24 poster featuring 4 of my best known images!

2014 LE Poster WEB.jpg

March Winner

"Create a photograph that portrays a positive cause that is dear to your heart.  The cause should be something you believe in and want to fight for."

Thank you for all of the touching and beautiful submissions from my March challenge; it was extremely difficult to choose a winner from all of the compelling stories and causes- to be honest, they were all beautiful!  In the end, I had to pick one based on story and overall technical appeal based on my personal opinion.  Congratulations Kait O'Brien for your winning image this month and to the honorable mentions!  Kait has won a Vanguard US camera bag!

Kait- I was instantly compelled when I saw your image; it is something completely unique that I've never seen before and I really appreciate the artistry it took to merge the symbolism of the puddle, the red, the pose, etc.  Your story certainly brought tears to my eyes, as did many of the entries.  I think you did an incredible job translating your experience into a successfully compelling image.  Keep up the great work; I commend you for being bold and speaking bravely about something so deeply important to you. 

Honorable Mentions:

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