June Photography Challenge: Joy

ITS JUNE!  The month I was born!  I'd have to say this brings me great joy! Life has its ups and downs, but we should never forget how fortunate we are to be ALIVE!


June Challenge

Create a photograph that exudes absolute JOY!  You could take inspiration from one of your happiest experiences in life or perhaps one of the most joyful things you've ever seen.  I will be choosing the winner simply based on which photo makes me the happiest, feel free to share your story or just submit the photo. 

To Enter: Comment below with your EMAIL ADDRESS, EXPLANATION (brief or long as desired), and LINK TO IMAGE.  I will not accept any submissions that don't include all 3 mentioned items.  Winner will be selected in July.  The winner this month will receive a Vanguard tripod from their Veo Collection!


May Winner

"Create a photograph using element(s) to portray your story.  Earth, Wind, Fire and Water fuel the world around us and combine in ways that stun us all; now is your chance to stun me with your own elemental creations!  With spring in full fling (at least for us northern hemisphere folk) and with summer around the corner, I am most inspired by the elements."

Congratulations Jane Long for winning the May Photography Challenge, it was tough to pick from the many beautiful entries however I was blown away by your piece.  It was technically and aesthetically very pleasing and certainly used elements to portray a compelling story.  I can't imagine how long it must have taken you to produce this, I'd love to know how you did the fire!  In some way I can relate to the story thats being presented and that makes the image quite successful in my eyes!  You have won one of my limited edition posters, I hope it decorates your wall space well!

Honorable Mentions

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